6th Quick Tips for growing your own YouTube channel

After more than a billion users watch hundreds of millions of hours each day, it is clear why so many people consider starting your own YouTube channel. The platform offers the possibility, either individually or in the business to reach a huge international audience, allowing you to build your brand and cash in on the advertising revenue. However, such a big competition, just upload a video and hoping for the best does not yield results. To really grow the channel clear plan is needed. The following tips can help start a positive, increasing subscriber numbers steadily and consistently.

Develop Concept

An aimless channel is struggling to build the audience, so we must consider the objectives from the outset. YouTube is now a very mature platform that can be followed in many cases. Regardless of makeup tutorials, video game reviews, or comedy sketches, there is almost always a clear focus for the most popular video. You do not have to limit yourself to only one type of video, but the viewers should be allowed to rapidly that what we offer.

Keep focused on every video

The videos themselves also need to focus on too many confusing is likely to drive viewers to an alternate video. It's a good idea to keep videos short but longer videos to perform well if warranted additional time. Rather than focusing excessively period, so if you've removed all unnecessary during editing. Plan your videos ahead edits to hold tight and stick to the main points.

Research keywords and Trends

Like a good SEO, find good keywords can help you reach a larger audience. I want to read the title and description, but the goal is to include keywords to help your rankings. Targeting keywords will help you rank well in the search engines, it appears at the top of the page across multiple videos. The Google keyword tool can help uncover conditions high search volume. Google Trends also help you to identify trends, gaps, so you can create a video that meet the demand.

Ask viewers Like and Subscribe

If you watch a lot of movies, you probably will have seen requests for viewers to like and pay. It may be inconvenient to a direct request of this nature, but it is an effective method. A simple reminder like to be given a bump and subscriber numbers, you do not have to be intrusive. I also hope people remember or take action in accord, but your best bet is to ask the audience for help. You can take notes cover the screen with the text enrich their experience while subtly reminding them to subscribe and like the video.

integrated with other social media platforms

part in developing the channel should be involved in building the reputation of multiple platforms. A lot of people like to watch videos, but you may not think you have subscribed to the channel. Development of the brand across the various social media sites helps to have a recognizable name, increasing the chances that they will remember. To link up with social networking sites, so it's very easy for people to follow you on the Internet.

Be patient and consistent

The viral hit could lead to millions of views, but it is difficult to predict. Trying to manufacture a viral hit irritate the audience, the people to be more savvy marketing gimmick. Instead, it designed to produce consistently great content, audience lists over time. Creating popular channel usually takes a while, but the audience is really interested in their content. The aim is to create a schedule that is manageable, but still meet the fans.

a business owner, YouTube too good an opportunity to ignore. The high-traffic, search engine visibility, and enthusiastic consumers that it is a platform to be developed. For individuals, there is a chance to develop a business, build your audience, and make money out of thin air. YouTube and video continues to grow normally in the desktop and mobile devices, so now is the time to start developing your own channel.

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Television – An idiot box or harmful Box?

The television is the greatest miracle that science has given us. It is only because of this device that we can watch popular programs such as music, movies, games, series, dramas and series at home sitting on the couch. It's not just used for entertainment, but for education.

There are currently many programs on television, where we were able to learn about many different things or aspects that are with us in relation to documentaries. They are very informative, and through the documentaries you can learn about nature, wildlife, history of civilization, and many other things. Through television, we can make a direct knowledge of things, and it helps us learn things as we can see with our own eyes the unknown.

watching TV is the biggest entertainment all and we can look at a lot without getting bored. It also gives us the opportunity to look at things, "Only Live" which takes place all over the world. This includes the live action sports world, or any other event feeds. The world is small, and is closely related to us with the help of the device. It is a powerful medium of mass education, and it also helps to increase the public. Like a pen, it is a powerful medium.

However, after many miracles, which are made possible by this very device, it is still known as Idiot Box a few people. There are advantages and disadvantages related to both.

Watching television is like a passion, and it compels people to look at and it is accompanied by another vice, including ignoring responsibilities. One is to sit idly by while in front of the "idiot box", or watching television. Excessive television viewing also disables the learning ability of the students, especially when you're very young. The person may be more prone audio visual learning techniques and reduce the ability of people to acquire knowledge just reading.

Young people are generally really likes action movies and ghost stories and watching them on TV makes them gullible and vulnerable. They start believing in unreal objects more than believe that things happen in the real world. Action films also badly affected by the tender minds, and they will be more prone to violence, and this leads to a predisposition to violence, which led to a lot of trouble when you become an adult. Also it is very bad if these young people are exposed to adult material, when they are still young.

Excessive television viewing is bad for your eyes, and that can lead to blindness in the future. Many students need the glasses are very sensitive age, sometimes as a result of television.

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Understanding MIDI – MIDI ports and channels of General MIDI standard

In a previous article I wrote about the basic definition MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) and that modern musicians can use their own independent productions. I will write about the technical side of MIDI time, including MIDI ports available MIDI channels and how to use them, and General MIDI standard that allows MIDI files can be read consistently different MIDI-enabled devices (hardware and software).

MIDI ports

Like other technologies related to audio or music, you have a MIDI IN and OUT ports. To explain the use of the two ports allows use of an example of a MIDI keyboard and the computer (in this case, the MIDI USB transceiver to the computer). The MIDI OUT port on the keyboard is connected to MIDI IN port on your computer. This means that the keyboard is played or recorded MIDI data inside the computer. Conversely, the MIDI IN port on the keyboard can be connected to the MIDI OUT port on the computer, allowing the recorded MIDI data inside the computer to be sent to the keyboard in order to return to the keyboard to play MIDI data (this means you can you play, change the MIDI data from a music software, then play the keyboard and record the sound from the keyboard performance is better edited).

In addition to MIDI IN and OUT, MIDI THRU port is a sometimes a MIDI device. MIDI THRU function is passed on to the MIDI data received from the MIDI IN port of another MIDI instrument or device. Take, for example, the keyboard receives MIDI data from a computer inside the MIDI IN port. If the keyboard MIDI THRU port, you can continue to use that data to the computer to another MIDI instrument MIDI IN port. This is useful chain multiple MIDI devices with a MIDI OUT port receives data from the computer (for example, to play a variety of string sounds more string parts for different keyboard).

The latter technology, the keyboard can be connected directly to a computer via USB connection without a USB MIDI converter. The downside is that it limits the ability to chain together multiple MIDI devices.

MIDI channels

There are 16 MIDI channels from one MIDI port. This means that any MIDI port to send and receive 16-channel MIDI data. Each MIDI channel contains all information about a MIDI track. For example, if the track 1 Acoustic Piano and MIDI Channel 1 contains a note pitch, note length, maintain, and other performance data should play a sound source. The sound is determined by the player inside the Bank and Patch MIDI channel number. For example, General MIDI standard, always acoustic piano Patch # 1 and acoustic guitar (nylon) # 25 There are still improvements to 128 overall.

After the 16 MIDI channels per port allows you to construct a song using 16 different parts. For example, you can use the channel 1, the passage of a saxophone sound (patch # 65 Soprano Sax) to create part of the comp a piano (Patch # 5 Electric Piano 1) and set up the rhythm section to bass (Patch # 34 Electric Bass finger ) and drum (channel MIDI channel 10 is reserved for that particular play percussion sounds, regardless of the patch can be programmed). If you need more channels, you need more, MIDI ports!

General MIDI (GM) standard

The GM standard use of the standard in order to be able to play MIDI files consistently different MIDI devices. We mentioned above about Patch numbers and MIDI channels. Patch These figures include the type of audio to be played back (# 1 Acoustic Piano). In order to allow another device to understand that the MIDI channels 1 MIDI data to a piano sound, use the GM-norm and confirms that the Patch # 1 with a piano sound (it will then call the own version of the piano, sometimes it can be easier or better-sounding surround sound, depending on the internal synthesizer used to play the MIDI data). Most of the software keyboard and MIDI data is saved when you save the GM-norm. I hope this article will be helpful for you to further your understanding of modern digital music technologies. In order for the musical success.

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History of the press, radio and television

When the media forms created? When advertising first appear? Who owns the media?

creation of different types of media


newspapers and magazines ~ 1880


Movies ~ 1910


Television ~ 1945


Cable Television ~ 1980


TV Internet, digital communication ~ end of 20 . century

in 1920, radio was first developed, primarily in the military, the media strictly sendingHistory – Old Radios messages from one place to another. David Sternoff, the then president of RCA, first had the idea to sell radios to consumers and the then so-called radio receiver. However, consumers need to have a reason to buy radios, so RCA was the first to set up radio stations across the country. 1920 and 1922, 400 radio stations have been established, ranging KBKA Pittsburgh. Stations also established universities, newspapers, police, hotels, and trade unions.


The year 1923 was 600 radio stations across the United States and $ 83 million worth of stock was sold.

is the biggest difference before and after 1923 was that the first advertisement is not heard on the radio until 1923 RCA then made the four companies of the radio


AT & T


General Electric


United Fruit



[19459002was] United Fruit is one of the first global companies, and one of the first to advertise on the radio. AT & T division of RCA first thought about selling time on the air to the companies that marked the beginning of "toll broadcasting." WEAF station was the first work that way, which is widespread outrage and accusations of "polluting the airwaves."

Because of this controversy, the practice of selling advertising time was called "trade name in public." Sponsors linked their names to a program on the air, but also advertising a particular product in a 30-second "commercial" as we know it today.

Why did AT & T decide to experiment with charging companies for air time?

AT & T does not make money during the mediation because it has only taxes, not customers. Just made money when new radio stations bought the equipment necessary to broadcast. No money in consumers buying radios.

AT & T also began the practice of paying performers of their time in the air, and not just the volunteers, which is common practice in the radio up until this point.

first radio network

1926 RCA created the first radio network, NBC. It was decided that more effective and efficient to produce shows in New York and connects the main transmitter stations across the country, connected to the AT & T (another RCA company) phone line. (Now television networks are linked by satellite to their affiliates).

This was the beginning of the network system partners. The ideal network ensures everyone in the country is able to listen to the signal. NBC was a time of two philosophies:


Radio content was a "public service" whose job was to sell radios.


Radio content was designed to generate income through advertising.

The history of the media in 1927, the second network is formed. It was started by William Paley of CBS. Paley was the first person to think that networks are strictly advertising to make money, not to engage in selling radios. Like AT & T, CBS did not make radios. From the start, their money selling advertising.

The rising of radio networks caused the Radio Act of 1927 to be transferred, which established the FRC, or what is now known as the FCC, to allocate broadcast licenses. The need for such an organization brought up the fact that radio spectrum is a limited resource, and broadcasting itself is a scarce. In the 1930s, the structure was set by the commercial radio format, although advertising is not dominated radio like it would television later.

The 1920s and '30s, radio programs were divided into two groups. Sponsored shows, which had advertisers, and unsponsored shows, which is not. Shows the radio station paid unsponsored. The sponsored programs, on the other hand have been created entirely by the company sponsoring the show;. advertisers were fully responsible for the content of the radio station content became advertising radio precedent for television, the same firm that controlled radio went early to control the television

No.. soon after, television inherited the structure of the radio. the 'monopoly over 40s, the rise of television, RCA also held all televisions sold. By 1945-1955, advertising has taken over all of television. Television was organized around the premise of selling things. The entire television industry was creating the political climate of suspicion and fear. Senator Joseph McCarthy, the founder of McCarthyism, which is based on the fear of communism and Huaca (Un-American Activities Committee, he began to question people involved in television beliefs and associations.

What affected television in its early stages ?


Politics (McCarthyism / Huaca)


Blacklist. almost from the beginning to television, many writers, actors and directors held pro- communist and / or non-American.

certain themes were completely off-limits at the time of television, especially in matters of race relations in the 1960s. Overall, the networks were not satisfied with the political situation on television 1960, both the black list, and the fact that, when every show was a sponsor, the sponsor controlled the entire program. networks advantageous to control moving through the program's sponsors / advertisers, where networks would retain control of the programming between shows, and advertisers would buy time.

in the 1950s, the network decided to eliminate the practice of regulating sponsors it indicates a move that spot from selling or advertising the programs as we know it today. What caused the move to an immediate sale?


Discovery fraud quiz shows on television. Quizzes are extremely popular at the time, and I liked the networks, sponsors and spectators alike. However, it appears that the competitions are largely fixed. Charles Van Doren in "21" became a huge star in his repeated wins, until it turned out that the whole thing could have been fixed. In the case of "The $ 64,000 question," the owner of Revlon personally hand-selecting the winners and losers of the show.


That they are financially difficult to support only one advertiser throughout the show.

Around the same time came the inception of ratings to measure a show's popularity. Reviews, quite simply, measured by the number of people watching the show. To understand why the reviews are so important, it is important to understand that the television industry operates three questions and their answers:


Who owns television? [The networks]


What is sold on television? [Viewer’s time, not television shows]


Who are the customers of television? [Advertisers, not viewers]

This may be a counterintuitive concept for some. The network, which own television, the media areHistory – Old television shows buyers, not sellers. On the other hand, they are sold to the eyeballs, so to speak, to advertisers. Networks want the maximum benefits from buying and selling time, both the audience time, and advertisers' time.

The primary measure television ratings, which determine the price that bought and sold by AC Nielsen in time , an independent company that provides information on who is looking at what's on television. we have used about 4,000 households that represent the national viewing television. in 1980, only 1,200 households were used. Some households have an electronic device installed on the television, which keeps track of what to watch, while others log on viewing habits.

determination are two measures of the show audience. one of the rating, while the other shares.


Rating: percentage of homes televisions tuned to a given show


Share. The percentage of viewing at a given time who are tuned to a given show.

the value is always higher than the rating. Ratings are more important for advertisers, and share is much more important to the networks.



Total households with televisions: 150000000


Total households watching television at 20:00 on Monday nights: 90000000


Total households watching American Idol to 8:00 Monday evenings: 45000000


thus: Rating: 30 share: 50

it is important to note that many factors skew the results. Shows cost producers more than the networks usually pay them these shows. The road to the producers that making money on the network to renew the show, in order to have a shot of money from syndication on other channels also knows the reruns. This is the case when the individual stations (say, for example, the ABC affiliate in Miami wants to carry Seinfeld), to buy the rights to the show's producers to show. It shows that last only a season, most will lose millions of dollars. One of the key factors that show will be renewed or not the rating.

This brings us to how it can be based on skewed. For example, if 20 is a part of the show, and you need a 25 stake in a new season, what can manufacturers do? In principle, you have to win another 5% of the people watching television when the show to watch the show, is not an easy task, as that involves convincing millions of people. However, as the ratings for the 4000 Nielsen households relying on, this means that they can convince just 200 Nielsen households watch the show, which would increase the share of 20 to 25. This is why Nielsen households must be kept absolutely secret networks. When the Nielsen households have been leaked to the network, one of the ways of the people they have got to watch the show offers viewers a bit of money by filling out a survey of the trade, which they said would only play during a particular show. Since it had to watch that channel while in the program, it would raise the share.

Once established on the basis of advertising rates for the two factors

* The size of the audience.

* demographic (income, age, gender, occupation, etc.) to the public.

Briefly, the job of television is to gather today as a product that will sell to advertisers. Programs to support the advertising, delivering viewers to buy the best possible state of mind when the time comes to advertising, which brings us to the Golden Age of Television.

The 1950 is considered the "Golden Age of Television." During this time, which he called "an anthology series" where different actors each week took part in history won the show's media – I Love Lucypopularity across the board … that is, everyone except for advertisers. The anthology series format was not appropriate for advertisers, since such issues are involved in the psychological conflicts that do not leave the audience in the proper state of mind to buy the products they presented a program of inter-stage. The theme of the anthology series was the type that undermined the ads, it almost seems that they are false.

This raised the question as to what the network executives actually want to do shows? The answer is not to watch a program, which makes them feel good, make them laugh, or excites them, but watch the television for a specified period. With so many new programs are proposed, standards began to intentionally or unintentionally, laid out what he could and could not do shows. Risks can be taken only at the beginning and / or end of shows. Laugh tracks were conceived to tell the audience when to laugh. Applications began to be tested in front of the public television and / or radio. Show writers now had to write shows that test as well.

Of course, this caused a lot of the same elements and themes appear in all shows. This was the beginning of recombinant television culture, where the same elements is infinitely repeated, recombinant, and mixed.

The same culture is what perpetuated the idea that people watch television, non-specific shows. While people certainly choose to watch certain shows instead of others, people are less often choose to watch TV instead of other things. People watch television. Regardless of what it was in the television viewing rate is extremely stable.

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Streaming Technology Explained in Layman's Terms

Various on-demand movie and TV services popping up in recent years, some new terminology for people who are not technologically savvy, and who are just starting to explore the vast, uncharted territories known as the world wide web. An expression is practically a household word streaming. The concept of streaming is not new. Radio and television streamed. Streaming, in a nutshell, means of transport media. We know anything can be digitized streams, including music, movies, sports, and television programs.

A statistic that may surprise many people that 30% of all Internet traffic today, Netflix streams alone. And over-the-top (OTT) media consumption from distributors like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Super Pass is projected to be 60% in the next two years.

Clarification two types of streaming video – live and on demand. Live broadcast can be viewed on the Internet at the same time as a camera to record and digitally encodes the event. Progressive streaming is the kind of streaming, OTT streaming service to use. delivered on-demand videos, compressed files by streaming server. When an end user wishes for a film, for example, you select the movie and click the play button. The OTT vendor will then deliver the film for through a special software called the streaming server. The streaming server will evaluate what happens in the end user's media player and adjustments to the so-called buffer to ensure a good viewing experience. The streaming content is not saved in the end user's hard disk. Once the content stream that can not be accessed again unless the file has repeatedly called for the streaming service.

In addition, streaming, there is another mode of transport in this compressed files, which is called downloading. When you buy a movie, song or TV show, you can download the file to your Web server (instead of a streaming server) and save the file somewhere where you can access it whenever you want – usually the hard drive. Typically, at least part of the download must be complete before you start viewing the content without interruption.


Downloads can rent or buy. If it's a rental, then the OTT provider generally gives a certain period of time in which to view the rental content before the file will delete itself. It is important to note that the downloaded files may contain viruses and malware, so make sure that you trust any source from which you download a file.

Media player can take many forms when you stream or view downloaded purchase. If you watch the content on your computer, you are likely to use the media player with the operating system, or you can download a premium or a media player that offers a streaming service. If you want to watch on television, you will need to utilize a game console, Blu-ray player, Internet TV or streaming media player that connects to your TV and to your home wireless network. It is important to make sure that the planned media player supports OTT provider.

Streaming is undoubtedly here to stay as part of the entertainment. Watch as the technology continues to improve, and more options available to consumers.

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television violence and its impact on children

Many people have read the startling statistics on the effects of TV violence on children. And we can come up with a two camps: Television just a reaction of society – this is one aspect of life. Or television influence and encourage the brutality of this world.

Either way, this should not be sugar-coated. Violence has always been demanding their will or larger scale between some role in society, it is individuals – can help governments ruthless force. So, in the historical sense, it's important to understand the violence and what we have learned. These historical lessons have their place and context, but rather what I'm talking about the glamorization of violence. Regardless of whether life imitates art or art imitates life, it does not really matter. Home tax havens – a safety net in this world. This is the place where the buoy children – positive uplift them – to minimize the effects of teaching and external negative effects. So if you really do not live in a violent world, we can have a little peace, that children – and if it's more a matter of perspective, we are not focusing on the wrong things?

Let's look at the disadvantages too much violence on TV:

  • desensitization. Television these days is more realistic than it used to be because of the advancement of special effects and computer animation. Because sometimes it is blurred between the unjustified nature of the line of fantasy and reality. So Um and nonchalant shrug to the extent of sympathy when violence is real news is shared. And here's one more step further, then the children are less empathetic to the suffering around them.
  • Fear. How do you feel when you have watched the show a child abduction? I know you do not want to take the kids out of my sight – I was an floating mother. While it's good to be informed, to be distinguished from the facts and sensationalism. What are the statistics and reasonable precautions? If we keep watch negative input, this is what we still perceive the world and how these people can become filled with anxiety.
  • Increased violence. Several studies have shown the correlation between increased aggression and increased violence in television. They date back to the 50s.

The television is not a terrible thing. There are several programs out there teaching our children. And if you do not do your homework, there are decent Entertainment shows our children. It is all about balance – even television. So what is the solution for us as parents to resist this violence on TV?

  • Know what your kids are watching. watch the show with them – look at what you really are exposed.
  • is set to deadline for television. Do not let the kids keep the TV on. Pick shown some preliminary checks, something they can look forward to.
  • open communication. Always encourage open communication with children, and not just TV programs. If you already have a good relationship with them – they talk to us about violence on TV, or the difference between reality and fantasy. These types of conversations are natural and open the door to a positive effect.
  • encourage other activities. There are many possibilities for our children – from sports to music, to meet with the neighbor kids to a football game. It encourages activities that are less sedentary, there's a host of benefits to these activities.

Be that parents are aware of and help the strong, well-adapted for children are a positive force in this world.

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Game Live – How to Set Up Your Band Sound monitors a Murderer

I have the strength, we have been practicing in the garage or small rehearsal room and things sound pretty tight. Now you have a chance to play in the local pub / bar. How hard can it be? Well, if you feel that you have to do to set up and play as they have been practicing, then there is a 99% chance of disaster. Many orchestra concerts terrible first because the PA is not sorted; They find themselves playing out of time and tune.

Why? This follow – or more precisely, the lack! The singer will only be able to sing in tune when you hear what he was singing. Guitarists can only bend notes exactly when you hear your own guitar. Bass and drums can only be closed if they hear one another, and each one will only be able to see where there's a song you hear on the other lane. This is completely different than the boundaries of space in the garage or practice, and it's really throw all that. You have to struggle to hear the full sound and also to properly hear the wrong part. No matter how good each of the musicians, no matter how much you exercised without control will be good at the end of the time, tune and wishes he were at home. When the stage sound bad, attached only tells the audience how bad it is.

Lanes 3-6 Man electric guitar and bass, drummer, singer, and perhaps a keyboard, playing small venues to the public less than 200 (typical start-up scenario) the strengthening of the trio needs

1) Back line – this includes the guitar and bass amplifiers, drums

2) Monitors – these stage speakers relaying "fold-back" – their own voice

3) PA – front of house sound that the audience hears

Note that 1) 2) create a sound stage, while 3) delivers a sound stage in front of the house. Lets take them one by one:

Back Line

It should be 30 50watts RMS guitar to match the drum. The bass must be 50 to 100 watts. If you are using keyboards will be 100 watts as a back-line tool, but if you choose the keyboard directly in front of the house PA, keep in mind that it does not become a distraction to the mixing of the singer. Those pieces of kit that do not have a volume control – the drummer and vocalist – is now to be considered. The singing definitely need a system that is more than guitars, bass and drums, the room is filled with noise absorbing people (and the audience absorb the higher frequencies more efficiently than the bottom), so the PA's mainly the province of singer, but also a keyboard player, and if you choose to mic them the drums.


You have to stage monitors, so the singer can hear themselves and the rest of the band can hear the singer. The monitor is a speaker, often quite small, wedge-shaped, he pointed out that the singer without hiding it, and generally raise the front edge of a tripod (or propped up on an old brick) project better. Add more monitors, and other members of the band and the singer hears such a position next to the drummer. You will need a separate amplifier to drive the monitors, although this is not essential as strong as a PA amplifier, and if you have extra acoustic instruments will need to have these monitors as well. Look 100W monitors, you can get active with built-in amplifier, or go to a separate amplifier monitor speakers. Understand also that the guitar and bass amplifiers, stage, monitors. You need to set them so that you can hear yourself and other members of the band, and that it can not hear as well as themselves. This is the hardest part, and when wars break out the sound on stage, often in a race to the loudest to the public that suffers. Do not make the mistake of turning up the amps to impress the audience, as they will only be balanced by the band's sound. Very small sites and mostly acoustic band, the monitors can be set to sound spill from the audience.

Now check and balance issues to consider. A decision: either to balance the back row to the drummer or drum microphone and balance the PA. There are compromises possible when playing small places where it may be effective to simply kick drum microphone.


The singer, PA, reinforcing what the guitarist, but much more. We go to the PA goes through a blender. These days the console can manage the entire band also picked up the low price of mid-range guitar. Given that a number of locations, even the smaller ones, now have their own PA systems, including the console, you need to accept them in both directions. At a basic level, if only to go through the PA will only need 100W per channel and a pair of speakers is complete. The speakers will be ten, twelve or fifteen inch subwoofer and treble horn handle. You have to raise above the horns of the audience, or will be absorbed from the people in the other room will be high and porridge. Therefore, most of the features of the PA systems available, so use them! Make sure that the cabinets is the first singer or the back-line voice could overcome the vocal mic and set up a howling feedback. If you've got a stage sound better, you will not get this issue on the back-line but if not, you now know the answer. Turn off the back line!

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Facts About Cable Television

Years ago, there was a television, a black-and-white screen by a limited number of viewers programming. However, despite television options were limited at that time, the popularity of television never subsided. The touch of a button, consumers can be exposed to a different form of entertainment right in your living room.

Since the 20th century, was replaced by a button on the remote, as will the 21st century technology has become a standard for many Americans. One cable television.

This type of coaxial cable is supplied by television. In order to derive the viewer must be a subscriber to this service is a form of television. Legally, it is not a free service, but when I first came on the scene, theft was a problem. Today, the companies have worked hard to provide television services only to those who pay for it.

The United States has the honor of having invented many of today's top features. Community antenna television, now known as cable television, a 20th century invention. It was invented in June 1948 Mahoney City, Pennsylvania is a man named John Walson.

Mr. Walson, television salesman, took out a power line and strung an antenna is connected to the store to some homes of people who bought televisions from him. His desire was to improve the quality of the signal, due to poor reception is available in the community. Since then, CATV was perfect and remains perfect.

As people connect cable instead of broadcast companies, they are treated with continuous updates, like new, interactive television that allows the viewer to interact with on-screen programming. For example, viewers who watch football games can be treated to a special camera angles and other options that they can control.

One major improvement is that the industry has incorporated the conversion of analog TVs that of traditional television, high-quality digital signals. The interactive TV is available, the access is delivered via a computer on the Internet.

There are some interesting facts when it comes to cable television. More women than men subscribe, the median age of cable subscribers to mid-forties. About a fourth of subscribers are college graduates and more than half of marriage. The median household income of a typical subscriber is around $ 45.00.

The largest group of people who watch cable television families with children. Moreover, when the children, more than 70,000 schools subscribe to the class. These programs are funded by the government, the television companies, and private donations.

Today, cable television is also enhanced by the best technology when it comes to hardware. Today's viewers are treated to flat-screen televisions and high-definition television. The color and sound on the TV right now than ever before. When you subscribe, chances are you want to increase the investment in a new television options available.

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Satellite TV – Advantages and Disadvantages

is no secret that the growing popularity of satellite TV quickly and turn up the fastest growing household product in the United States. You, like everyone else who is investigating the alternatives to paid TV services? Well, if that's the case, I'm sure he cares to take a look at satellite TV services and above all its pros and cons.

The plus points of satellite television services

1. Wide coverage

Unlike cable are limited to cable TV, satellite TV are exploited above the orbiting satellite system in the sky. Therefore, the service coverage is wide enough, in theory, you can receive satellite signals from around the world surface. In most cases, a clear and uninterrupted transmission and broadcasting of TV homes receive nearly distortion-free.

2. Better quality TV

Each satellite transmission of TV signals in digital form. It turns providing image quality at the end of the audience is in excellent condition. Also, it takes full advantage of high-definition television! I'm sure you need as many HD programming as possible – which in turn means that you need a satellite TV Dish Network and DirecTV have a paid TV service in most HD channels.

3. During the breakdown recovery service

When with cable and satellite TV service recovers much faster during the power outage. Major power outage and extreme storms, power is often seen homes were destroyed and immediate loss of consciousness. The power is finally restored, the restoration of the TV is much faster than the cables that supply you with cable TV. While this option may sounds silly to you; who live in parts of the United States exposed the frequent bad weather would appreciate it a lot.

4. A wide choice of programming

Cable TV offers about 130 channels in most standard programming packages. In contrast, each of the two major satellite TV providers (Dish and DirecTV) offer up to 250+ channels of programming. In addition, DISH Network and DirecTV offer plenty of HDTV programming, which is hardly found in the traditional main cables in the past.

The minus points Satellite TV Services

1. Additional costs of special programming package

Customers often have to pay extra money in order to provide specialized programming packages, like live TV NASCAR races and NFL games. Unfortunately, to pay a monthly subscription fee entitles satellite TV providers only to a limited number of channels. Some of the best sporting events and premium movie channels are not part of the package. This in turn can increase your monthly expenses, a satellite TV service.

2. Short valuable add-on

When consumers order cable television services, often delighted in the company's bundled services – where you can get the phone, internet, radio and TV services all in one company. Comcast for example, offers a bundle of services at cheap price, and help their customers save a lot in common.

satellite TV companies, namely Dish Network and DirecTV, on the other hand, has nothing much to offer high-quality TV entertainment. Yes, DirecTV does not relate Direcway satellite internet services, but the connection speed is slightly slower than the average broadband speed. What is even worse is that the satellite Internet connection is always surfer constant delay defect that does not allow online players to enjoy the game smoothly.


As shown in the above list, a satellite TV system might not be the right choice for everyone. Obviously, there are advantages and disadvantages of satellite TV services. So, right before all the satellite TV provider, make sure what your needs are and what kind of satellite TV system offers. Be a smart consumer and spend only if they are needed – not only get satellite deals because his wife's sister's friends say.

Source by Phil Anderson

The influence of television in today's youth

Since my youth, I found many of the results of the media today. According to the old days, the media is supposed to be the ultimate source of information and entertainment, but to what extent is this resource is utilized my question? I agree to the fact that people are looking for fun, pleasing to the eye, and something that the BBC and CNN, or any other documentary channels do not offer. The reason why I had to come to light on this subject is the fact that the media serve as master controls not only the youth, but also from the various stages of life mere 2year old up to say .. well .till the last breath of humanity. Media is so important in our lives, it's true that today, the media, and even one of those many things that keeps us going.

The power of the media body can not determine anything, because it is something that we all look forward to the moment we open our eyes in the early morning, and set them the same night. In fact, the media has been so much a part of our lives for most of today is that you do not know how much impact an individual's life. We depend so much on the media, especially on television, that we are ready to leave the breakfast, but do not dare miss show that on TV. The television is one of the best ways of management information systems, for good or bad. You may not learn as much as reading through, say, watching television but television is one of the best ways to grab things which by that so caught our eyes. But they are learning the right things? We are making use of this information in the right way?

Television affects us in many ways that many of our actions affect the film and music industry today. Some of us still prefer to live like celebrities and TV stars, not knowing that in real life it will be a completely different scenario. Television personality also may unknowingly influence and affect the environment. Most people prefer to live like a celebrity these days. In fact, do not just talk like them, dress like them, walk like them, perhaps maybe even eat like them, but we also have begun to behave with them, the only difference is that they live in a celebrity's life where things could be a little different than the one leading ordinary people. But it's too late, we have started to react irresponsibly counts of thinking than what the movies, it all goes away. We live in a very different world now, a fantasy in which all comes on the heels, and all you have to do is to ask for it, or just want to. Nowadays we tend to worship the big stars and the powerful personalities when they cry, we can cry, and when we laugh, laugh with them. He failed to discover ourselves, who we really are, instead we would rather prefer to hide under the cover disguise and will be what we are not hoping to bring even more success as it would if we ourselves, including changing Here are thinking, that when you change an ordinary Sam Cristus the ever popular Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt is a simple Bob Bitt that you have a better chance of hitting the big office, where questions are much more intense than names. We forget the duties as the individual and the very reason why this world. I myself have witnessed a simple example of how you could not discover myself instead of someone I've always preferred a big fan of "Avril Lavigne". I used to dress like her, trying to act cool and developed a "do not care what other people think" attitude. But I think I had to learn the hard way, and I finally came to my senses, that, well, it's pretty impractical when it comes to their own way of life and from where I was brought up. But luckily we managed to carry out this unworkable legislation much earlier than it really affected me badly. So I was lucky, but not many others who are still caught up in a vortex of illusions where they get lost trying to imitate beloved artists and stars are waiting area to respond in the same manner as in the movies, and if things do not go as they should, you can get unnecessarily frustrated and angry with ourselves and perhaps others around us. It is also affected us, not to any of them. And we can not blame anyone, because it's just a matter of self-realization and that includes me and you. And why more young people have to deal with this matter because of the fact that the majority of the world's population but we can do something about it and prevent underneath us engulfing this ideal world where we have forgotten the true meaning of hard work and a true success .

I recently read something that touched me immensely and I'm sure most of you have already read / heard the news of three school children who had killed two other children in their same school thinking that prisoners sentenced to death, the school declares the holiday. What were you thinking once innocent children? They really know what they are doing? Who to blame? I hope that watching too much television is not one of the reasons for such action or the source from which they have learned these techniques, and even got the idea. Where were the parents during all of this?

Among the most music videos are all about love and sex, or maybe even something in between. What happens to us that these ideas will remain head, knowingly or unknowingly, we believe that this is how things should be, and forget the true meaning I have ever known, and taught. Well, life is not only about love or sex or fake personalities. This is how we live our lives and what we do and how to do it that matters, because who knows how long we will have the privilege to enjoy the luxury that every year offers us. I want the songs and videos can contain more meaningful instead of words and scenes, "I love you, you love me, my touch, touch me, kiss, kiss me … well, these are the things that all of us already know, just wish they could sing something dramatic or meaningful, the map of the girls walking around barely has anything .. because believe me quiet difficulty taking care of my niece and nephew do not end up facing any of them so early, but you, how I could, all the time, I switch on my TV, I see it. I hope that the younger generation, much below us, in fact, usually at the end of this life … or is not it? I like music producers and who has ever managed this issue would do something about it instead of only focusing on profits, which guarantees when it comes to young people, or anyone for that matter pleased the matter that will be served. I really wonder if it will ever work, because the money is something that a blind person, and as the saying goes " the money that people even die ".. well, maybe the only answer lies within us. So when we begin to hunt for him … maybe the day we begin to experience ourselves, but we have to wait that long … What if this day would never come?

What about when we are role models would be Princess Diana, Gandhi, Mother Teresa … oh yes, how times change … I remember as a child when he is often asked who was my idol, I wondering who made the most people, and their good deeds? .. But if you asked him, I do not know exactly who to say … because now I can not think of someone who is capable of winning the title that lucky today, especially among young people who still have a long way to go in learning about cultures and traditions, and how life used to be, without a television, and people used to find happiness within the family when to use each other's hard work and really believed in a person who has us in this world. We still have a lot of young people to learn about life and what it was all provided.

Do not be ignorant anymore. It is high time we know what is right and what is really bad. Let us contribute and correct each other and teach ourselves how to become a real celebrity in ourselves, and how to be a good role model among ourselves, and maybe even one day a different version of the great leaders who once gave their lives that we live and enjoy the luxuries that life offers us now. How do we put every effort to waste? Let us be thankful for our ancestors who worked hard for our future and we thank them for their simple acts of kindness. Let someone, like a younger version of Gandhi all.

Source by Juliann George