Satellite TV – Advantages and Disadvantages

is no secret that the growing popularity of satellite TV quickly and turn up the fastest growing household product in the United States. You, like everyone else who is investigating the alternatives to paid TV services? Well, if that's the case, I'm sure he cares to take a look at satellite TV services and above all its pros and cons.

The plus points of satellite television services

1. Wide coverage

Unlike cable are limited to cable TV, satellite TV are exploited above the orbiting satellite system in the sky. Therefore, the service coverage is wide enough, in theory, you can receive satellite signals from around the world surface. In most cases, a clear and uninterrupted transmission and broadcasting of TV homes receive nearly distortion-free.

2. Better quality TV

Each satellite transmission of TV signals in digital form. It turns providing image quality at the end of the audience is in excellent condition. Also, it takes full advantage of high-definition television! I'm sure you need as many HD programming as possible – which in turn means that you need a satellite TV Dish Network and DirecTV have a paid TV service in most HD channels.

3. During the breakdown recovery service

When with cable and satellite TV service recovers much faster during the power outage. Major power outage and extreme storms, power is often seen homes were destroyed and immediate loss of consciousness. The power is finally restored, the restoration of the TV is much faster than the cables that supply you with cable TV. While this option may sounds silly to you; who live in parts of the United States exposed the frequent bad weather would appreciate it a lot.

4. A wide choice of programming

Cable TV offers about 130 channels in most standard programming packages. In contrast, each of the two major satellite TV providers (Dish and DirecTV) offer up to 250+ channels of programming. In addition, DISH Network and DirecTV offer plenty of HDTV programming, which is hardly found in the traditional main cables in the past.

The minus points Satellite TV Services

1. Additional costs of special programming package

Customers often have to pay extra money in order to provide specialized programming packages, like live TV NASCAR races and NFL games. Unfortunately, to pay a monthly subscription fee entitles satellite TV providers only to a limited number of channels. Some of the best sporting events and premium movie channels are not part of the package. This in turn can increase your monthly expenses, a satellite TV service.

2. Short valuable add-on

When consumers order cable television services, often delighted in the company's bundled services – where you can get the phone, internet, radio and TV services all in one company. Comcast for example, offers a bundle of services at cheap price, and help their customers save a lot in common.

satellite TV companies, namely Dish Network and DirecTV, on the other hand, has nothing much to offer high-quality TV entertainment. Yes, DirecTV does not relate Direcway satellite internet services, but the connection speed is slightly slower than the average broadband speed. What is even worse is that the satellite Internet connection is always surfer constant delay defect that does not allow online players to enjoy the game smoothly.


As shown in the above list, a satellite TV system might not be the right choice for everyone. Obviously, there are advantages and disadvantages of satellite TV services. So, right before all the satellite TV provider, make sure what your needs are and what kind of satellite TV system offers. Be a smart consumer and spend only if they are needed – not only get satellite deals because his wife's sister's friends say.

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