Setting up and using simple timers Dish

DISH timer at the instruction tells the customer that you want to view the program in the future. Most of the ERD (recording device) or a VCR, choose a special program for a particular channel and tells the customer how often you want to record the program. Be sure to set up the receiver to control the VCR.

Four types of

  • VCR will record an event in the past cassette for later viewing. Make sure that the VCR is connected and turned on. Also, make sure to set up the receiver to tell the VCR to start / stop recording.
  • Auto Tune will automatically change the channel live viewing of the event.
  • Reminder creates on the screen to notify you when an event is about to air.
  • External automatically change the channel live view of the event and sends commands to a compatible external device such as a Pocket Dish that relates to the type of receiver RCA or S-Video output. This option is not available if you enable this feature. This allows you to record from an external device instead of recording the receiver's hard drive.


Deciding how often you want to watch the program will help you make the best choice:

  • Once the program is recorded once (good for movies, sporting events or other special programs.) [1945901million]
  • You can record the program once a week, at the time, this channel.
  • Daily record the program once a day, at that time, the channel
  • H-P record the program once a day, Monday through Friday, the selected time on the channel.

When a timer Start

Two minutes later a start a recording, the receiver displays a digital countdown (timer reminder) on the TV screen. This countdown is displayed when the program starts. While the countdown appears, do the following:

  • Press CANCEL to clear the TV screen. This is not the timer starts
  • INFO button or SELECT to more information. If you do this, the following:
  • Click OK to continue the timer.
  • Select timer to stop the timer.

Note: Pressing the INFO reminder timer works only one time. Then press INFO results of the current program information on the screen.

Special considerations

  • The blocked programs, enter the receiver password before you set up an automatic timer. You can create locked without a manual timer program an automatic timer. You can create a manual timer program is locked without a password. However, if this is when the timer is working, the customer display only an error or password entry menu.
  • Pay program you need to make the Pay Per View program, if you create a timer.
  • Program the dark when you set a timer to program a darkened area when the timer operates the receiver is only an error message.

reason I skipped timers

If the timer is skipped, the reason is shown on the Timer list.

  • priority that the timing was a lower priority than other events during recording.
  • User to user chose to skip to the timer.
  • Copy

  • event is already set to another timer recording to the program.
  • There

  • Events DVR program has been recorded and shown on the Daily Schedule list.
  • used is not a new episode New Episode timer. Currently, a new episode is one that in any given year in the Program Guide information.
  • Incorrect events weekly, daily and Monday through Friday timer. If the driver of another event in the timer skipped. For example, the timer was set on Saturday for everyday, but the program is broadcast only from Monday to Friday, so the qualifying missed the weekend.

List of timers Use

The timer list:

  • The general list timers.
  • Create Manual Timer
  • Edit a timer.

is set to Self-timer

  • create an automatic timer for a future event. Following are the easiest way to set up an automatic timer.
  • Find the program you want to record the Program Guide or Browse Banner. The program can be a satellite or over-the-air program.
  • Select a future event. The Create Timer screen
  • Select the Timer Frequency
  • timer type.
  • Select Create Timer to finalize the new timer.

is set to

The Manual Timer

  • menu, select the timers.
  • Select Create Timer.
  • Select the timer frequency
  • Select Timer Type
  • Select the channel (satellite rover o-the-air) using the remote control arrows or numeric keypad to find the channel.
  • Select the Edit Time
  • Set the Start and End time, making sure to give the AM or PM
  • date
  • Select Create Timer
  • Select Done

Clear Timer

  • press the MENU, select Timer
  • Select delete timers
  • Select Delete. The timer is canceled

The overlap

If you try to create event timers overlapping programs, the receiver will display on the screen of the dates and times of the two programs. The customer can see this screen when the program has changed a timer may overlap with another. You have to delete or edit any timer.

The record links

The receiver called a timer Record Link. This feature sends data (audio, video and other commands) to an external device, you can connect the receiver RCA or S-video output, allowing the program to be stored on an external device.


  • it is very important to let your customer must get the permit. With this, the receiver with the latest software and Program Guide information. Make sure that the updates feature is turned on.
  • If the VCR does not respond to commands from the receiver that you accidentally left the protective film from the front panel of the receiver.

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