Such a precious gift Called Life

Life is a beautiful journey through a channel. Full of up and down moments one has to appreciate the expensive road where the Creator, the source of life. Valuable gift, which is filled with many opportunities to earn life with open arms. Nevertheless, no one promised a smooth ride. This is not meant to last forever, so a temporary job, one that is full. It's a race against the one that is running. Whoever wins the race of life, provide the guarantee of eternal life.

top of your life, you accept the existence of this planet. Life is boring without the presence of happening every moment of laughter, tears and joy to fulfill life. The goal in life is to enhance the love. Life Challenges moments not out of the picture, but there is a survivor know you can channel them through. It is important to reign over the birds of the sky. You rule authority to fulfill the primary task, that is like a god. Purpose of the entire human race to multiply and be fruitful land in fulfillment of the works. Remember that the life-giving still a lot of ideas that benefit the human race. Know that you are running incredible journey. From it should flow rivers of living water to nourish and give life to many creations. Life is a treasure that only some are too expensive to buy and too expensive to live. Live your life today if it were taken away from you by the Creator. He gives and takes life.

What the residents of something much bigger than what you understand. Like a tree in the forest, when a woman bending and distorted the seasons of life, but still dignity and beauty of this state. Created by a life of abundance that overflows with His love, they are happy to be alive.

hard trials come and go so there is a stronger state than it was then. Sometimes you need a broken heart I know what it's like to lose someone you love. You face the reality of the failure to appreciate the imperfections yourself. Life will throw to bottom out at times you least expect it. Some people bruise, some hurt, while others will be rejected, but this is the cycle of existence. Incredible, you have to face and live a lot of experience, but we have to survive. Just know that the peak of such a precious gift called Life.

Source by Kudzai Pasirayi

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