Television – An idiot box or harmful Box?

The television is the greatest miracle that science has given us. It is only because of this device that we can watch popular programs such as music, movies, games, series, dramas and series at home sitting on the couch. It's not just used for entertainment, but for education.

There are currently many programs on television, where we were able to learn about many different things or aspects that are with us in relation to documentaries. They are very informative, and through the documentaries you can learn about nature, wildlife, history of civilization, and many other things. Through television, we can make a direct knowledge of things, and it helps us learn things as we can see with our own eyes the unknown.

watching TV is the biggest entertainment all and we can look at a lot without getting bored. It also gives us the opportunity to look at things, "Only Live" which takes place all over the world. This includes the live action sports world, or any other event feeds. The world is small, and is closely related to us with the help of the device. It is a powerful medium of mass education, and it also helps to increase the public. Like a pen, it is a powerful medium.

However, after many miracles, which are made possible by this very device, it is still known as Idiot Box a few people. There are advantages and disadvantages related to both.

Watching television is like a passion, and it compels people to look at and it is accompanied by another vice, including ignoring responsibilities. One is to sit idly by while in front of the "idiot box", or watching television. Excessive television viewing also disables the learning ability of the students, especially when you're very young. The person may be more prone audio visual learning techniques and reduce the ability of people to acquire knowledge just reading.

Young people are generally really likes action movies and ghost stories and watching them on TV makes them gullible and vulnerable. They start believing in unreal objects more than believe that things happen in the real world. Action films also badly affected by the tender minds, and they will be more prone to violence, and this leads to a predisposition to violence, which led to a lot of trouble when you become an adult. Also it is very bad if these young people are exposed to adult material, when they are still young.

Excessive television viewing is bad for your eyes, and that can lead to blindness in the future. Many students need the glasses are very sensitive age, sometimes as a result of television.

Source by David A Kay

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