The influence of television in today's youth

Since my youth, I found many of the results of the media today. According to the old days, the media is supposed to be the ultimate source of information and entertainment, but to what extent is this resource is utilized my question? I agree to the fact that people are looking for fun, pleasing to the eye, and something that the BBC and CNN, or any other documentary channels do not offer. The reason why I had to come to light on this subject is the fact that the media serve as master controls not only the youth, but also from the various stages of life mere 2year old up to say .. well .till the last breath of humanity. Media is so important in our lives, it's true that today, the media, and even one of those many things that keeps us going.

The power of the media body can not determine anything, because it is something that we all look forward to the moment we open our eyes in the early morning, and set them the same night. In fact, the media has been so much a part of our lives for most of today is that you do not know how much impact an individual's life. We depend so much on the media, especially on television, that we are ready to leave the breakfast, but do not dare miss show that on TV. The television is one of the best ways of management information systems, for good or bad. You may not learn as much as reading through, say, watching television but television is one of the best ways to grab things which by that so caught our eyes. But they are learning the right things? We are making use of this information in the right way?

Television affects us in many ways that many of our actions affect the film and music industry today. Some of us still prefer to live like celebrities and TV stars, not knowing that in real life it will be a completely different scenario. Television personality also may unknowingly influence and affect the environment. Most people prefer to live like a celebrity these days. In fact, do not just talk like them, dress like them, walk like them, perhaps maybe even eat like them, but we also have begun to behave with them, the only difference is that they live in a celebrity's life where things could be a little different than the one leading ordinary people. But it's too late, we have started to react irresponsibly counts of thinking than what the movies, it all goes away. We live in a very different world now, a fantasy in which all comes on the heels, and all you have to do is to ask for it, or just want to. Nowadays we tend to worship the big stars and the powerful personalities when they cry, we can cry, and when we laugh, laugh with them. He failed to discover ourselves, who we really are, instead we would rather prefer to hide under the cover disguise and will be what we are not hoping to bring even more success as it would if we ourselves, including changing Here are thinking, that when you change an ordinary Sam Cristus the ever popular Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt is a simple Bob Bitt that you have a better chance of hitting the big office, where questions are much more intense than names. We forget the duties as the individual and the very reason why this world. I myself have witnessed a simple example of how you could not discover myself instead of someone I've always preferred a big fan of "Avril Lavigne". I used to dress like her, trying to act cool and developed a "do not care what other people think" attitude. But I think I had to learn the hard way, and I finally came to my senses, that, well, it's pretty impractical when it comes to their own way of life and from where I was brought up. But luckily we managed to carry out this unworkable legislation much earlier than it really affected me badly. So I was lucky, but not many others who are still caught up in a vortex of illusions where they get lost trying to imitate beloved artists and stars are waiting area to respond in the same manner as in the movies, and if things do not go as they should, you can get unnecessarily frustrated and angry with ourselves and perhaps others around us. It is also affected us, not to any of them. And we can not blame anyone, because it's just a matter of self-realization and that includes me and you. And why more young people have to deal with this matter because of the fact that the majority of the world's population but we can do something about it and prevent underneath us engulfing this ideal world where we have forgotten the true meaning of hard work and a true success .

I recently read something that touched me immensely and I'm sure most of you have already read / heard the news of three school children who had killed two other children in their same school thinking that prisoners sentenced to death, the school declares the holiday. What were you thinking once innocent children? They really know what they are doing? Who to blame? I hope that watching too much television is not one of the reasons for such action or the source from which they have learned these techniques, and even got the idea. Where were the parents during all of this?

Among the most music videos are all about love and sex, or maybe even something in between. What happens to us that these ideas will remain head, knowingly or unknowingly, we believe that this is how things should be, and forget the true meaning I have ever known, and taught. Well, life is not only about love or sex or fake personalities. This is how we live our lives and what we do and how to do it that matters, because who knows how long we will have the privilege to enjoy the luxury that every year offers us. I want the songs and videos can contain more meaningful instead of words and scenes, "I love you, you love me, my touch, touch me, kiss, kiss me … well, these are the things that all of us already know, just wish they could sing something dramatic or meaningful, the map of the girls walking around barely has anything .. because believe me quiet difficulty taking care of my niece and nephew do not end up facing any of them so early, but you, how I could, all the time, I switch on my TV, I see it. I hope that the younger generation, much below us, in fact, usually at the end of this life … or is not it? I like music producers and who has ever managed this issue would do something about it instead of only focusing on profits, which guarantees when it comes to young people, or anyone for that matter pleased the matter that will be served. I really wonder if it will ever work, because the money is something that a blind person, and as the saying goes " the money that people even die ".. well, maybe the only answer lies within us. So when we begin to hunt for him … maybe the day we begin to experience ourselves, but we have to wait that long … What if this day would never come?

What about when we are role models would be Princess Diana, Gandhi, Mother Teresa … oh yes, how times change … I remember as a child when he is often asked who was my idol, I wondering who made the most people, and their good deeds? .. But if you asked him, I do not know exactly who to say … because now I can not think of someone who is capable of winning the title that lucky today, especially among young people who still have a long way to go in learning about cultures and traditions, and how life used to be, without a television, and people used to find happiness within the family when to use each other's hard work and really believed in a person who has us in this world. We still have a lot of young people to learn about life and what it was all provided.

Do not be ignorant anymore. It is high time we know what is right and what is really bad. Let us contribute and correct each other and teach ourselves how to become a real celebrity in ourselves, and how to be a good role model among ourselves, and maybe even one day a different version of the great leaders who once gave their lives that we live and enjoy the luxuries that life offers us now. How do we put every effort to waste? Let us be thankful for our ancestors who worked hard for our future and we thank them for their simple acts of kindness. Let someone, like a younger version of Gandhi all.

Source by Juliann George

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