Disadvantages of Plasma Television – What Should You Know?

Plasma televisions have gone a long way since they first appeared about a decade ago and are the latest in renewable household appliances. They offer flat, hip and stunning images, unlike the older television models we've seen. Plasma televisions seem to have everything, but are these responses to every home entertainment prayer or just a trend? Unfortunately plasma televisions have some disadvantages.


This is the number one aspect, as many of the videophile and plasma televisions are not cheap at all. When they first came out in the nineties, the price tag of plasma televisions showed a huge $ 10,000. This has become part of a regular home mortgage and for consumers to turn in the opposite direction.

Today, however, the prices have calmed down due to better production practices and the magic of demand. In fact, a brand-size plasma TV will cost at least $ 2500. This is still the price of three standard televisions, along with some video CDs. Compared to the nearest rivals of LCD TV, plasma television, one of the disadvantages is still more.

But the price comes from quality. Nowhere else can you find the high-resolution viewing experience offered by plasma televisions. If you are a disadvantage of goods, they represent more of their quality. In addition, in real videophile, plasma televisions have a short return on investment and will replace more goods for a few years. If you think this is not really a disadvantage of having plasma television now, right?

Plasma televisions had a notorious reputation they came after a certain watch.

Plasma televisions in 2004 offered a 20,000-hour experience. Compare this to 50,000 hours of LCD TV.

Plasma televisions have, however, improved these days and have a longer lifespan. Depending on the brand, plasma TVs have a half-life of 60,000 hours. If a normal person has a normal family with normal TV viewing time, this should not be considered a disadvantageous situation. Imagine this: if you spend at least 5 hours in front of the plasma TV, it's approx. 33 years will be used.

Viewing time does not mean the expiration time for plasma television. The number of hours refers to the half-life of plasma TV or the time the TV screen lights up halfway through the original brightness.

This is another disadvantage of plasma televisions. Plasma TVs are so-called thanks to thousands of fluorescent lights on the screen. These lamps are charged with gas, which burns every time the TV is used. This is a good thing because the LCD TV and the older CRT TVs will have a plasma TV only if it is needed. LCD panels are like a large bulb that is always switched on.

Using regular TV is really not a problem. The disadvantage is displayed when a static image is displayed on the screen. What is static picture? If you are a HBO fan and your plasma television turns on HBO for hours on watch, you will soon notice a faint HBO logo on the screen, even if you switch to ESPN or another channel. [19659002] This is also a problem if you are a heavy video game user. If you connect a video game console to a plasma TV and play daily games for days, playing hours are lit up on the physiological view on the plasma screen. This will be a bit confusing, especially when it comes to your friends, and you will see a shadowy picture of the ambitions of others in their eyes. But then the danger of burning again becomes a reality and a threat and disadvantage when using the full blast of plasma TV. You can always cheat if you can reduce the contrast of your TV to only 50%.

Every new technology is always good points, bad and plasma televisions are not free from these issues. In the "Who-s-the-better-tv" game, there really is no clear winner. If you choose a plasma television, just because you like what you see, you can afford yourself and treat the disadvantages of plasma television while enjoying the benefits.

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